Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's been a while...

much has happened in the last few years...I've missed this little outlet of mine. I've missed writing and I can't say I'm back for good, but at least I'm in the here and now to give a little update. As I write this, I'm dreaming of chocolate, ice-cream, brownies, and cookies. I'm in the midst of a sugar detox and struggling to survive. It's day 3 of a 4 week challenge and I want to make this work. I want to reap all of the benefits associated with such a detox (great skin, better sleep, weight loss, and last but not least - diminished sugar cravings).  In other news, my sister is married to a wonderful guy; we will soon embark on a basement renovation to make our basement the fun hangout spot for teenagers, rather than having my kids go to their friends' house to do god knows what with who knows who (perhaps I need to install hidden video cameras as well). All is well on the work front. It is a difficult balance - juggling work, school, and family, but I'm hanging in there with everyone's amazing support.

my beautiful sissy and her flower girls

weekend getaway

The kiddos:

Dina - my baby is graduating from elementary school and will soon enter the hell that is known as middle school. I'm worried, nervous, anxious, and scared shitless. I'm not ready for my kid to pull away from me and be more concerned about what her peers think than what *I* think. my kid is already horrified by some of the physical changes her body is going through. we all know that middle school is when our innocent kids start playing truth or dare (god help me) and being the smartest kid in class is no longer cool.

Anais - my laid-back easy going kid has turned in a little diva. she dyed the ends of her hair with kool-aid last night. she no longer walks, but does cartwheels to go from point A to point B. She is hilarious and has become the comedian of the family.

Ayla - she is the feisty, mischievous boy we never had and never wanted (kidding!!). she keeps us on our toes. she screams because her voice must get heard amongst the strong personalities in the house. she insists on doing everything herself. she's miss independent. she will be starting Montessori school in the fall. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Need a Vacation From the Staycation

and i'm gonna get it in a few sister and i will be taking our first trip abroad together - just the two of us- to antigua. (we briefly considered aruba, but wanted to avoid any possibility of getting kidnapped or murdered - is that awful?) i can't begin to explain how excited i am and how badly i need this. i hope to return a tanner, better version of myself. :)

so back to the staycation:
this year,
because alex and i are both taking our own separate vacations, we opted to save money and stay in maryland for spring break. before i recount this glorious week, let me make one thing very clear: this separate vacation business is a one-time thing (unless of course *i* have a blast and thoroughly enjoy myself and want to repeat it). some male friends have been using this situation to their advantage and extolling my virtues as a most giving and considerate spouse to their own wives...but let this be known: i don't really believe in the notion of spouses taking separate vacations. i don't want my husband to get the wrong idea here. i am all about girls night out, alex hanging out with the guys. i'm even cool with a girls or guys weekend here and there (some exclusions apply: i.e. vegas, miami). but, we're not going to make a habit out of taking 7-10 day trips to awesome places without the love of one's life. i barely get to see him as it is, so i'm not going to share him with a hairy, masculine member of the opposite sex. but i digress...

during the stay cation, alex had every other day off, so i made him promise to not schedule any work related stuff on those days off, so we could take family day trips to the various attractions that surround us. our first stop was the baltimore aquarium: note to self: your's is not the only family who decides to stick around for spring break. the place was packed. good thing we pre-ordered our tickets was a fun day. tantrums were kept at a minimum and the baby spent the day with her aunt and grandma.

on wednesday, we had lunch at shake shack and went to the zoo, where once again everyone and their mother, and father, and aunt, and grandma, and cousin were there as well. the highlight: cotton candy, the pandas, and watching 2 orangoutangs getting it on (yes, i'm serious - we're talking full on national geographic sexual reproduction in the making stuff) and trying to figure out a PG way to answer dina's nagging question, "what in the world are they doing?!"

day 3 was supposed to be spent in the museums in dc, but we were a little exhausted and decided to go to the coolest public park in virginia instead. the kids did their thang and alex and i got to sit on a bench and do some reading. afterwards, we enjoyed a greek meal and came home. all in all a good time was had by are some pics from the week:

the only feline at the zoo who wasn't snoozing

baltimore aquarium show

the three hermanas

chillin on a stoop in dupont circle

i love my sister!

my three favorite butts

playgroud pose
13-be-dar (13 days post persian new year celebration) with saras

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Raw End of the Deal

ok. i know i was supposed to be better about blogging, but life with three kids is a bit harder than i thought. i was hoping that #3 would spend most of her days sleeping peacefully, but that lasted about a week. her 2 naps throughout the day last a mere 30 min and the rest of the time, she demands to be held, entertained, kissed, snuggled, fed, burped, and walked around. needless to say, my back is killing me.

i've started going to the gym religiously. never have i been so diligent and disciplined. make no mistake - i haven't turned over a new leaf and become one of these people who are obsessed with working out. i'm just trying to get my 2 hours of "me" time while the gym daycare watches my baby. i take nice, long, leisurely showers. i spend 10 min in the sauna getting my face to turn the beet red shade that i covet. i put on make-up every day as if i have a hot date planned for the evening. i will do anything to fill up those two hours. i should probably be spending even more time on the treadmill, stairs, or elliptical, but i don't. like i said, it's still 'me' we're talking about here.

the weight is coming off ever so slowly. a few days ago i had an epiphany in the middle of the night, and woke up the next day determined to lay off the sweets. i barely survived that day. i was craving sweets so bad and really felt sympathy for smokers and drug addicts. quitting is no joke. it's so hard. i miss those days when i looked like a toothpick and ate whatever i wanted. i miss those days when i didn't care about real food and just ate chocolate and twinkies. that all changed when i met alex and he introduced me to avocados and mushrooms. anyway, i came to the realization that i cannot deprive myself of sweets and have attempted this thing called "moderation." although i must confess, today i ate dippin dots (what am i? 5?) and a chocolate croissant. and while i'm on the subject of confessions...forgive me father, for i have sinned.

yesterday, #1 was home sick with the stomach flu and #3 was napping in her crib. the hubs was home. it was close to 11:00am and i had an infant appointment at the gym. i was all set to go and wake #3 up and leave the hubs home with #1 - when he said, "just let #3 stay home, why risk her getting sick from one of the other kids at the gym?" it made perfect, logical sense. so i cancelled the appt and started driving towards the gym solo. i checked my email at the stop light and there it was: 25% off dresses at loehmanns. all of a sudden, i remembered an upcoming wedding and vacation and visualized my pre-pregnancy wardrobe (that no longer fits) and my ghastly post-pregnancy wardrobe (that consists of black leggings and hideous, milk-stained maternity shirts)...and made a u-turn and headed towards loehmanns. i was gone for an hour and 45 minutes and stuffed my trader joes grocery bag with 2 dresses and 2 skirts. i came home and when asked, "how was your workout?" i replied, "it was great!" and thought that was the end of that. but then he kept going, "you were gone for a while..."
me: "was I? huh - i guess so." i promptly marched upstairs and quickly hung up any trace of the fruits of my crime.

since we're on the topic of leaving my kids and husband - i'm taking a vacation from motherhood in april with one of my favorite people in the world - my sister. the hubs and i typically take a vacation together sans kids, but given the age of #3, we felt 3 kids would be a bit of a burden on our we came up with the brilliant plan of vacationing separately while the other spouse stays at home with all three kids. i'm going to antigua for 5 nights and the hubs is planning a trip to what my friend calls, "the most beautiful and romantic city in the world" - prague for 7 nights with his cousin. i can't help but feel like i got the raw end of the deal. originally, my husband was considering a trip to iceland and i thought phew! iceland is not really up there on my places to visit - so i was pleased. but prague is a different story!! i've been wanting to go and i just want to stomp my feet and throw a tantrum. to top it off, i haven't seen my husband plan a trip like this - EVER. he is researching like crazy, checking out 5 star hotels, and spending all his free time planning this vacation.

i'm kind of excited for alex to experience a week in the life of taraneh. i am hoping i will return to a lot more appreciation and respect for what it is i do on a daily basis. i am also hoping i will not return to mounds of unfolded laundry, which has happened in the past. i think it's important that we both get away for a little R&R and return recharged and rejuvenated. i also think it's important to buy your spouse a very nice souvenir from prague. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our new arrivals: baby and lice

ok. so a lot has happened since my last post. first and foremost, i had a baby. our third (and final) girl who will likely give us hell during her teenage years, but will be cute and cuddly until at least age 4. :) she came out fast and furious. in fact, she scowls a lot - just like her dad. :) she has hair on her ears, alex's feet and my nose (hallelujah!). despite my enormous belly and all the 'are you having twins' comments from strangers and family alike, she was my smallest child, weighing in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces.

here she is just a fews old:

i know it has been months since my last post. i really do want to be better about blogging more frequently. i have several topics in mind. some of you have even approached me and asked what da dilly yo? why aren't you blogging? and it truly warms my heart that you care about what goes on in my not-so-glamorous life. speaking of not so glamorous - i have been through hell and back again. let me explain. in late september, i took the girls to get their flu shots at our pediatrician's office. A is sitting on my lap getting the shot and in between her screams and cries, i notice these little white dandruffy-like things around her ears and casually point them out to her doctor. the dr. takes a look and informs me that my kid has lice. she explains what needs to happen: buy NIX lice shampoo, wash all the linens, bag up the stuffed animals, and vacuum. i waddle home and ask my husband to go to cvs and buy NIX, while i wash, vacuum, and clean like mad. of course alex returns with the generic cvs lice brand shampoo (why can't men follow simple instructions and why must they try to save a buck when it comes to the health of their child and their wife's sanity?!). i'm 9 months pregnant, so alex treats A's hair and we throw D's hair in the mix as a precaution.

i do my best to comb the nits out, but i'm not going to lie - it's difficult with her nappy, curly hair. alex suggests we shave her head the way his mom shaved his when he was 5 with lice. i proceed to ignore him. he repeats it again a little louder (in case i didn't hear the first time) and adds, "the only way we are truly going to get rid of this is if we shave her head" (why do men not understand that girls care about their hair - that if you go and shave your 4 year old's locks - who you have repeatedly told, your hair will grow faster and prettier if you drink milk - will undoubtedly need years of therapy after a traumatic butchering.) we are not shaving my child's hair i tell him, icily - especially after you purchased the cheap lice shampoo.

being the honest person that i am, i promptly tell her school about the lice and that A has been properly treated, and ask that they please clean their cots because there is no other logical explanation about where the lice originated. 7 days pass and we get the dreaded, embarrassing phone call from school. come pick up your child, she has lice. we look through her hair and sure enough there are more nits and the whole lot of us are scratching our heads like maniacs. we are paranoid. we are delirious. i check alex's head. he checks my head. is that dry scalp or lice, dammit?? my mom calls complaining about her itchy head. we do another lice treatment and wash everything again. the grandparents do the same. i throw away her bag of stuffed animals and pray that she doesn't notice or ask for them ever again.

for a few days, everything seems ok. things starts to return to normal until A pulls out this gross, leggy, ant-like thing from her hair and says, "mom, look at this bug that i pulled out of my hair." *gulp* i want to scream. i am frantic and am trying to play it cool to not upset her. i ask her to sit on my lap so i can see if there are any more insects and sure enough - i see about 10 live lice crawling around my child's head. i had never seen these vermin before. here is a pic:

so there you have it. we repeat the entire process AGAIN and AGAIN. i am frustrated, annoyed, and even more paranoid. think: an awful version of the movie ground hog day. my life was in a frenzy for 2 months: lice treatments, vacuuming, washing, pulling out nits. (try to get a kid to sit still for 3 hours while you go through her hair, pulling out nits - one by one - shoot me now.)

i take her to the hair cuttery and we cut off 5 inches of her beautiful hair - which in curly hair translates to 10 inches. i worry about her reaction. you cannot chop off a child's hair without some kind of incentive. i bribe her with a candy bar (or two) and hope she doesn't cry because i will surely cry if i see tears. i wait with bated breath. she takes the cut like a champ and her new short do looks, dare i say, cuter than before. phew.

we repeat the treatment process so many more times that i get fed up. i am doing everything right, why does this keep coming back?! i went into angry-protective-mommy mode. i wrote a terse-i'm-paying-$1400/mo in tution-ya'll better-do-something-letter-to the school and ask that she no longer "rest" on their mats. i typed up the letter as if alex had written it and add comma, MD after his name for effect. the printer was having issues, so i asked him to print the letter, while i get the kids in the car to drive them to school. he gives me the letter and has made a significant change. he signs the letter with my name saying he doesn't want to be the bad guy. (why do men care so much about their image when it comes to their child's health?!) i explain if they think he wrote it, the MD adds more legitimacy and they are more likely to respect our request. in the letter, i had asked them to have her read quietly in the corner or engage in some other quiet activity while the other parasite-infested kids nap, bc i will not have my child endure this time-consuming, gut-wrenching process on a weekly basis. i myself cannot keep doing this. finally, the school takes me seriously and gets their shit together. they conduct head checks, thoroughly clean their mats, bag up the coats and backpacks, and send stern letters to the other families.

i cringe when i see A scratching her head and quickly get her off my bed when she climbs in to snuggle (i can't tell you how awful i feel about this). story time has moved from her bed to the leather sucks, but i will not be at ease until the creatures are 100% gone...

p.s. i have yet to receive a push present. 9 weeks and counting. santa better be very good to me this year.

A's before/after pics:

how ya like me now?